Combining the best of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and beyond!

DMD Diamond is the world’s first blockchain with the Honey Badger BFT cooperative consensus algorithm and full support of EVM.


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Combining the best of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and beyond

By community
for community

DMD Diamond is a community-driven project with no corporations behind us. The current development team consists of the community enthusiasts united by the idea of wealth and true decentralization.
Thus, we have developed a fair, rewarding and constantly rotating validation system with max staking amount designed to avoid extra concentration of power. Now we are working on developing a DAO module that will allow us to move to a new, truly decentralized DMD Diamond governance mode.

By community for community

DMD DIAMOND addresses the industry challenges


DMD Diamond has a max supply of 4.38 million coins with full issuance of all coins at genesis block and no ability to mine any additional coins or dilute the existing amount of coins in any way.


The design of the blockchain is built around the idea of sustainability in all aspects: eco friendliness in operation, a sustainable node rewards system, and “recycling” abandoned coins back into circulation.


The block rewards in DMD blockchain are distributed among validators and coin holders who stake on top of them. A maximum staking ceiling of 50,000 DMD ensures that there is no possibility to become more powerful than others.


DMDv4 is fully compatible with Ethereum, using Open Ethereum addressing systems and foundations, and running EVM apps according to the protocol standards. The result is that smart contracts & dApps can be easily migrated across chains.


DMD Diamond utilizes a highly secure and distributed HBBFT consensus algorithm and POSDAO, a dPOS-like mechanic for validator nodes rotation and rewarding. This results in censorship resistance, instant finality of transactions, and no orphan blocks.

On-chain governance

DAO is a module of transparent, fair and democratic voting for the system changes, upgrades, and other proposals as well as future developments funding. DAO governance is part of the first planned big update DMD v4.1.

Exchanging value

Trade, build, diversify your position on various open markets in crypto and national currency pairs.

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Done: DMD Diamond Blockchain released its v4 White Paper.

Done: Open Alpha testnet for public testing/hardening while beta release candidate is developed.

=> Open Beta testnet starts with release candidate of DMDv4 once we complete coding with all v4 features.

=> Claiming tool tests around the same time. The claiming tool is being tested like on mainnet, with snapshot and claiming.

=> DMD v4 mainnet >= 3 months.

=> After Open Beta release, we plan to shedule v3 snapshot and the DMD v4 mainnet release date.

=> DMD v4.1: DMDv4.1 core content will be on-chain governance systems (DMDDAO) that interact with staking contracts for voting weights.

=> Future goals are set and voted on by the stakeholders and DAO participants.

=> Possible Future Goals:

● Message Bridge (AMB) development: A bridge designed for universal cross-chain data transfer.

● DEX or protocol for automated liquidity provision with a positive impact on the DMD coin economic model, with fees to Reinsert Pot and bonus rewards for active stakeholders.

● Any other suggestions initiated by the community of stakeholders and validators.

=> Additionally, we know third party projects on development coming to be launched on top of DMDv4 mainnet. Examples:

● A project from It’s an NFT collector game that let you create unique NFT diamonds out of DMD coins.

● Uniq blockchain certified assets.

The three projects above are also in the pipeline from Blockserv that aim the digital twinn usecases which links Uniq rare valueable real world assets with an NFT-based digital Twinn that expand its abilities.

Already in 2019, a POC (Proof of Concept) was shown at Monaco Yatching Show – presenting the world first digital Twinn NFT of a custom motorbike (

The Jewel of crypto

Founded in 2013, DMD Diamond is constantly evolving and upgrading to new market conditions.

Its 2021 upgrade — DMD v4 — features true decentralization, on-chain governance, fast transaction times, low fees, low carbon footprint, security, interoperability, and smart contracts deployment. DMD v4 utilizes the world’s first blockchain with a cooperative HBBFT consensus supplemented by dPOS-based validator election. On top of that, DMD v4 is the first blockchain to implement a sustainable and endless reward mechanic with a low max finite supply of just 4.38 million coins.

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Coded Magic

Your Diamond Wallet is an advanced software that allows you to transact with others, gives you a complete and whole ownership of your DMD balance, and rewards network supporters via in-built protocols. It’s also fully Open Source, so anyone can view, analyse, and improve the core code to make sure it says safe, secure and evolving.
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Web 3 wallet
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Source Code

Compile, scrutinize,
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Android – upcoming
DMD v4 integration

Multifunctionality and
rewards for maintenance

Decentralized applications

High transaction speed of minimum 400 TPS, low fees, full interoperability with Ethereum, and random number capabilities make DMD Diamond an appealing environment for developing dApps.

Cooperative staking

Stake on top of other validators or run your own node to support the network and earn Epoch (12 hours) rewards. Each validator receives an equal share of rewards for contributing to block creation, and then shares the rewards among themselves and their delegators.

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Shared values
common goals

Be a dreamer, be a believer, be a doer because it all starts with you, the community. Share ideas, support one another and become a force for change – join us!



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Diamond Team is always happy to answer your questions and hear your feedback.

Be a dreamer, be a believer, be a doer because it all starts with you, the community. Share ideas, support one another and become a force for change – join us!


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Knowledge is power

DMD Diamond is led by a non-profit community Foundation that guides development of the protocol ensuring original goals and concepts of the project are met.


Aleksander Mesor

Aleksander Mesor

the boss

Leading the Diamond DMD Foundation for more than 7 years, Aleksander brings unmatched dedication and passion to the project as well as experience in operations, leadership and communications.

David Forstenlechner

David Forstenlechner

the HBBFT protocol expert

David brings more than 15 years of software development experience to the project as a contributor.
Thomas Haller

Thomas Haller

the lead developer

Bringing deep experience in software development and blockchain, Thomas provides technical guidance for the implementation of the DMD technology.
Helmut Siedl

Helmut Siedl

the visionary

Leading the version and research on the mechanics and technology of the coin. Helmut brings impeccable attention to detail and deep research skills for assessing and adopting the best technology for the DMD project. He is a co-founder of the lab10 and a founder of Blockserv Blockchain Services.
Dieter Biernat

Dieter Biernat

the website expert

the website and online-marketing expert.



the supporter

The supporter.


social media, community interactions, content creator

Social media, community interactions, content creator.