Be your own bank and a creator of wealth
    Rewarding monetary system
    Superior security algorithm
    Rare digital currency
    Masternode technology



Diamond (DMD) is a non-government contro­lled digital currency that allows people to send money anywh­ere in the world ins­tantly, securely and at near zero cost. Moreover, DMD Diamond aims to empower pe­ople to achieve fina­ncial freedom by mak­ing every DMD Diamond coin an interest bearing asset with hi­gh annual interest rate. This modern age financial instrument makes an excellent storage of value th­at is supported by the network protocols, infrastructure and services.




Be your own bank.


There will be only 4,38 million Diamonds created over the course of many decades, making this one of the most scarce electronic commodities.


The moment you acquire DMD Diamond it becomes an interest bearing asset with high annual interest rate. The interest will be successively reduced over the coming years.


Security lies at the core of Diamond. Transactions are secured by the state of the art security algorithm. Thanks to advanced cryptography gaining access to your account is practically impossible.


Diamond is the brand you can trust. It is not only ideal for promoting your own business, but also a tool that can be utilised to engage your customers, taking your enterprise into another level.


Diamond network has been designed to be excellent for quick money transfers. Masternode powered QuickTX significantly reduces confirmation time while fast block times ensure unparalleled speed to conventional remittance and payment systems.


Proof-of-Stake approach not only dramatically reduces carbon footprint but also dramatically lowers electricity consumption making it environmentally friendly.


In DMD Diamond Monetary System



Stake your Diamonds, it`s free coins!

Proof-of-Stake just like Proof-of-Work is a mechanism that allows the network to confirm transactions and prevent fraud. However, it does not require any resource intensive calculations to be performed. The only reqirement is to have some DMD Diamond coins in your ballance and keep your Diamond Wallet connected to the network. Periodically, your ballance will be increasing as new coins are awarded to you for your support of the Diamond Network.

Interest rate depends on a variety of factors, however, with optimal participation in support of the Diamond Network one can expect over 25% annual return on their investment. Network rewards will be steadily decreasing over the coming years as outlined in the DMD Diamond specification.



Diamond Multipool

DMD Diamond cannot be mined directly as it now uses the environmentally friendly Proof-of-Stake technology. However, Diamond Multipool enables users with a specialised mining hardware to mine other cryptocurrencies that use a variety of mining algorithms (i.e. SHA256, Scrypt, X11, etc.). All payouts are automatically converted to DMD Diamond coins. It is one of the most cost effective ways of getting your hands of this precious digital gem.

Mining at DMD Diamond Multipool takes place via NiceHash facility.




Powering Blockchain Services

Diamond Masternodes are computers that are constantly connected to the Diamond Network and perform certain tasks allowing DMD Diamond to achieve faster and more private transactions. To run the Diamond Masternode one is required to have 10000DMD in their balance, as collateral, and fulfil other requirements imposed by the protocol. For their dedicated service Diamond Masternodes are rewarded with 65% of network rewards​. Diamond Masternodes form a backbone that is a part of a technological mix which powers services and apps of a wider DMD Diamond ecosystem.





Supportive action within Diamond network.

The power of the cloud.

Diamond Cloud Mining is a network support scheme where supporters are granted regular, hassle free, forever flowing stream of Diamonds. It's easy, it's profitable and makes power bills a thing of the past.

We offer our 0% comission service to people who wouldn’t necessarily want to waste their time and energy on spending a few hours a day to stay up to date with Cloud Mining market to get favourable deals on attractive terms, and follow a clear earnings conserving path of reinvestments so the potential is not wasted. At the same time we handle all support donations with uttermost care.



Perform trades within digital and national currencies.

Digital Currency Exchanges

Diamonds can be bought and sold both on and offline. However, the most popular way is to trade it on digital currency exchanges where participants offer DMD Diamonds buy and sell bids. These orders are then matched with other orders via the exchange system.






DMD Diamond Foundation Team

Guardians and Shepards

Aleksander Mesor
CEO DMD Diamond Foundation
Helmut Siedl
CVO DMD Diamond Foundation
Christian Knoepke
CTO DMD Diamond Foundation
Ivan Vidovic
CIRO DMD Diamond Foundation

Stepan Shveicar
CRO DMD Diamond Foundation


Your personal banking software.
What is Diamond Wallet?

Your Diamond Wallet is what allows you to transact with other users. It gives you complete and whole ownership of your Diamond balance and allows you to send and receive Diamonds. The wallet is installed on your computer.

How do I run it?

Diamond Wallet does not require any installation as it is contained in one executable file. Simply run diamond-qt and the program will set up itself. Make sure you encrypt and regularly backup your wallet, using the built-in, easy-to-use wallet functions, to protect your money.

Paper wallet

A paper wallet is a way to store Diamonds that involves printing the Diamond addresses and private keys directly on a piece of paper. Paper wallets are one of the safest means of storing this digital commodity.


What do I need to start buying Diamonds off the above exchanges?


To start trading you will need the following:
1. A currency other than Diamond (i.e. BitCoin or US Dollar)
2. An account at the trader you want your currency to be traded to Diamond


Can I buy Diamonds directly with USD or Euro?


Not at the moment, however soon PymentServices.com will offer direct hard currency trading.


Is trading safe?


Digital currencies have strong price fluctuations, so you might not end up with the same amount of money you put into.
Major exchanges such as Crypts provide very good privacy and security options. Nonetheless, when dealing outside the well known exchanges, one has to use common sense and be cautious when dealing with strangers.


I have obtained BitCoins, now what?


You can now transfer them to a trader (exchanges) that actually deals with Diamond. To do so, you will need to have an account on such a trader (for example Bittrex.com) Each of these traders have something called balances or wallets. To allow and transaction to be done, you will need to make an (wallet) address on the receiving party. This is usually found within the options of the coin wallet/balance of the coin you want to receive, in our case BitCoin. Once you have created the receiving address, you can then send the coins to that specific address. The address is unique so the coins will get there although it can take up to an hour due to slow speed of the transaction (it must be 6 blocks at intervals of 10 minutes) for the Bitcoin network.

Step one:

The second step:


A PDF pack of 5 Diamond Masternode Setup How-To (ZIP file)

  1. Linux headless masternode on VPS and Windows control POS wallet with coin + Onion hidden service

  2. Linux headless masternode on VPS and Windows control POS wallet with coin

  3. Single masternode + POS headless wallet on on home PC with Onion hidden service

  4. Single masternode + POS Linux wallet on VPS

  5. Headless wallet on Ubuntu VPS

Why do it?

We offer our service to people who wouldn’t necessarily want to waste their time and energy on spending a few hours a day to stay up to date with Cloud Mining market to get favourable deals on attractive terms, and follow a clear earnings conserving path of reinvestments so the potential is not wasted. At the same time we handle your investment just like our own – with uttermost care. Additionally, Diamond Cloud Mining fulfils supportive role for DMD, because by design Diamond is a wealth storage solution. Diamond Cloud Mining stabilises the price and guarantees that its value would re-bounce even after a malicious dump. All the above should make Diamond a clear favourite for any crypto investor.


Just visit https://cloudmining.bit.diamonds/ and register your Diamond wallet address. Once you do that, send us an email with your registered address and we’ll tell you to which BTC account to deposit the coins. We’ll also send you a contract and if you are happy with terms and conditions, we’ll put your money to good use. From that moment you will be able to see all the stats and ROI progress in a clear visual way.

In short:

Diamond - invest in your future.

This is a full specification together with set coin roll-out phases.


  • Algorithm is ASIC resistant Grøstl.

  • 4.38 million total coins.

  • Block solving target time ~ 100 seconds.

  • Low transaction fee at 0.001.

  • Mean time per block under 60 seconds.

  • Difficulty retargets at every block.

  • Endless Hybrid Network Security.

  • Transaction Message.

  • Fast and secure transactions with 6 required confirmations.

  • Provision for continuous promotion and development.

  • Brand new code base with up to date security patches and significant performance improvements.


Minimum coin age - 9 days.
From 450,000 of total coins PoS is set to be 50% per annum.
From 1,500,000 of total coins PoS is reduced to 25% per annum.
From 2,500,000 of total coins PoS is reduced to 5% per annum.
From 3,500,000 of total coins PoS is reduced to 1% per annum.


The reward is 0.21 DMD per solved block.
0.2 DMD is granted to the miner while 0.01 DMD is contributed to coin support.
From 1,000,000 of total coins reward is reduced to 0.2 DMD per solved block.
From 2,500,000 of total coins reward is reduced to 0.04 DMD per solved block.
After that there will be no further reductions to the reward per solved block
The coin will remain protected by continuous hybrid PoW/PoS approach.

Visual coin rollout models

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Q:What wallet synchronisation?

    Wallet synchronisation is a process of Diamond wallet performing an update of the latest transactions that took place in the network. It is done by receiving information with the use of peer-to-peer file transfer. The more up to date your database is, the less time it is going to take to sync. If you experience trouble with synchronising, please see our guide on how to make a configuration file to help with this issue.

  • Q:If I give someone my wallet address, will they know who I am?

    No, the address is anonymous and is not associated with any person or computer. To everyone it is just a string of letters and numbers.

  • Q:How do I create a backup?

    Making backups of your wallet is important. To do this, choose the backup option in the file menu named ‘Backup Wallet’. You will be asked to choose a location for your wallet copy to be stored at. The name of the backup file is ‘wallet.dat’, however you can name it differently. It is advisable to store your backup file on various types of media to ensure that situations such as computer failure do not prevent you from accessing your wallet. The backup file is the key that allows you to be identified as the owner of Diamonds. If you lost all your backup files, you would not be able to have access to your Diamonds.
    For more information please see https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/Backingup_your_wallet
    Please note that as a precautionary measure one should make a backup every 50 transactions to make sure that the future 100 transactions can be restored. Please read more around this issue in the section below.

  • Q:Is my wallet dependent of my computer?

    No, there are no limitations as to which computer your ‘wallet.dat’ can be used on. It is suggested, however, to use one wallet on 1 computer only. Nonetheless one can migrate from computer to computer without any issues.
    Please remember that your Diamond wallet can store more than 1 address, which is why it is important to create backups regularly. In the event of having to restore your wallet form the backup, the addresses that were not a part of it would likely not to be included.

  • Q:My computer crashed but I did not make a backup, what now?

    If the hard drive of your computer is still accessible, before you attempt computer repair you need to make a copy of ‘wallet.dat’ which is located in a hidden folder

    AppData-> Roaming-> Diamond
    . This needs to be done even if you choose restore option (Windows), as the file might be deleted as a part of the restoration process.

  • Q:How do I restore my wallet?

    (Instructions for Windows users. Please note that you will need to be able to view hidden folders and files in order to successfully perform wallet restore.)
    When restoring your wallet (when migrating or recovering from the computer crash) you need to be sure that you have the Diamond wallet installed on the computer and it does not contain any Diamonds. Overwriting ‘wallet.dat’ stored on the computer will make any Diamonds linked to that key inaccessible. If you have an old wallet.dat file, please rename it to prevent overwriting.
    To restore your wallet, transfer the backup file (i.e. “wallet.dat”) to the default Diamond directory which can be found in

    on Windows.

  • Q:How to “Show hidden files and folders” in windows?

    To show hidden folders etc. in Windows 7 (the instructions are similar for Vista and slightly similar for Windows XP).
    Go to Windows Explorer (My Computer).
    Open the C: drive.
    Click Organize on the top menu bar.
    Select ‘Folder and Search options’.
    Select the View tab.
    Under Files and Folders > Hidden files and folders, select the option to ‘Show hidden files, folders and drives’.
    Click OK.
    After that you will be able to see AppData folder and access the default “wallet.dat” file located as shown above.
    The reason for the AppData folder to be hidden is to prevent accidental deletion by unaware users.
    I do not see a wallet.dat file on my computer in the Diamond folder?
    Installing Diamond wallet client does not automatically create ‘wallet.dat’ file. The wallet client has to be run at least once for it to be created.

  • Q:Why are my sent or received coins not showing up?

    Diamonds once sent are in the network waiting to be broadcasted through the other nodes. Please be patient they will show up after a few minutes.

  • Q:What does it mean that Diamonds need to be confirmed?

    Any transaction needs to be confirmed by the network. This is done to verify that the coins a person receives are legitimate and not fraudulent. Diamond has to be confirmed six times before it’s deemed fully validated; after validation the received Diamonds can be sent again. Coins waiting to be confirmed appear in “unconfirmed” area.

  • Q:What is a paper wallet?

    A paper wallet is a paper (hard copy) version of your computer wallet. Paper wallet has got a private key printed on it, which allows you to access your Diamonds stored in the blockchain. One can also send Diamonds directly to the paper wallet address which makes it a perfect solution for safe long term wealth storage.

  • Q:Can mobile phones/tablets also have wallets?

    Yes, as long as there is an appropriate software developed one can use Diamond wallet on such devices. In the near future it will not only be possible to send and receive Diamonds on mobile devices, but also create them through mining and minting.

  • Q:What is a diamond.conf file?

    In order to instruct the Diamond wallet software to use additional parameters we put instructions in diamond.conf file. The purpose of these instructions varies greatly from making the Diamond wallet software finding other nodes faster to allowing it printing more detailed debugging reports. Settings there are usually used by more advanced users. Diamond.conf file is also modified by the miners to “solo mine”.

  • Q:Where can I find the diamond.conf file?

    Diamond.conf file is located in the hidden folder (where wallet.dat file is placed)


    One can edit the file with any word processor i.e. Notepad and modify it according to one’s needs.
    However, if the file is not there diamond.conf and is needed for some reason then the file needs to be created.

    To create the file you:
    Right mouse click in the folder:

    From the contextual menu select: New > Text File. This will create a new Text Document (Notepad).
    Change the name of the file (including extension by selecting Save as type: All files ‘*.*’) to: diamond.conf
    If you accidentally saved the diamond.conf file with .txt extension this will render the file useless.

    To change the extension of the file, please follow these instructions:
    Go to Windows Explorer.
    Open the C: drive.
    Click Organize on the menu bar.
    Select Folder and Search options.
    Select the View tab.
    Under Files and Folders > Hide extensions for known file types, uncheck the tick box.
    Click OK.
    Now you will be able to see and modify file extensions (F2 – rename file name).

  • Q:How to modify diamond.conf to add more nodes and allow ‘solo mining’?

    Open diamond.conf file with i.e. Notepad.
    To allow your Diamond walled client add more nodes for better connectivity simply copy and paste details shown below:


    One can add more nodes, however, these are the trusted ones.

    To allow ‘solo mining’:
    Sample .conf File: diamond.conf
    rpcpassword=**Yourpassword** (Should be different to your encrypted Wallet passphrase)

  • Q:Can I check my balance without using my wallet?

    It is possible to check the balance of the given wallet address with the use of a tool called Block Explorer. Due to the nature of Bitcoin technology every transaction per address is recorded in a public ledger called the blockchain, which stores all transactions in the network. The blockchain explorer allows seeing all the transactions that took place from the moment of its creation.

  • Q:My Diamonds are not showing in my wallet?

    There might be some rare occasions when Diamonds do not show up in the wallet. This might be caused for example by closing the wallet software right after sending Diamonds. When this happens this is usually fixed by restarting the wallet software with ‘-rescan’ parameter.

    To do so use such parameter one can use Command Prompt /cmd/ to go the folder diamond-qt.exe is placed and once there launch the software with the above mentioned parameter

    diamond-qt.exe -rescan

    The other method is to create a ‘rescan.txt’ file in the folder where diamond-qt.exe is located.
    Copy and paste this command
    diamond-qt.exe  –rescan

    into the text file and after saving change its extention from ‘.txt’ to ‘.bat’. If you are unable to change the extension see instructions for diamond.conf file to allow it in the options.
    Execute the ‘rescan.bat’.

  • Q:How do I completely remove my wallet from a computer?

    In case you no longer use the machine on which the wallet is stored and want to securely remove it from the system, please have a read for more information: https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/Securing_your_wallet#Erasing_Plain-text_Wallets

  • Q:Are the wallet source codes also available?

    Diamond is an open source project and its source files can be viewed and scrutinised by anyone. The files are available for the public to see on GitHub. See download section for the link to the Diamond repository.

  • Q: How can I run my wallet in a portable mode (not using the drive C:)?

    You can use your wallet in a portable mode, running it on any removable devices. This method will allow you to place your 'wallet.dat' file in the folder Diamond near downloadable blocks. Go to the root of any drive (e.g. H:) create a folder named Diamond. place the file Diamond Wallet 'diamond-qt.exe' in this folder. In the same folder create another one named diamond (it will be used to save downloaded blockchian, it will also create a file wallet.dat). Now create a shortcut with the name of diamond-qt. In parameters, enter the following line:

    H:\Diamond\diamond-qt.exe --datadir=H:\Diamond\diamond

    Now, you can run your wallet with the shortcut (diamond-qt.lnk). That's all, downloaded files and blocks will be next to your wallet (in the folder diamond). If your removable drive is connected to another computer (change the drive letter), then do not forget to change the path to the new drive letter assigned to the parameters of the shortcut.
    All will look like in this picture:


Permanent storage

A paper wallet is a way to store Diamonds that involves printing the Diamond addresses and private keys directly on a piece of paper.
When done properly, paper wallets are one of the safest ways possible to store this digital asset.

Paper Wallet Advantages

+ Protection from malware and keyloggers.
+ Maintain 100% ownership. You own the coins not a 3rd party service.
+ No dependence on the security of any website.
+ Keeping a piece of paper safe is easier than keeping your computer secure.


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