🗣 DMD Diamond Blockchain: Pioneering A Future of Decentralised, Interconnected and Interoperable Blockchains 💫💫

Ethereum is known to pioneer home of smart contracts and decentralized applications. However, its journey in employing sharding technology to solve scalability issues was unprecedentedly fruitless. This informed the Ethereum ecosystem to consider two alternative pathways to address the scalability challenges.

The first alternative pathway is via layer 2 chains, which entails an intricate connection to Ethereum’s blockchain. While the layer 2 chains come with the advantage of cheaper transaction costs, transaction finality isn’t favoured, hence, limiting applications designed for instant operations. However, the second alternative, although, isn’t a preferred choice to Ethereum, offers a go-to alternative – they are chains that can exist independently, with EVM compatibility, without a complex connection system to Ethereum, and may come with additional abilities.

DMD diamond blockchain

The DMD diamond blockchain come to pioneer the go-to alternative path – offering a future characterized by interoperability, decentralization and multi-chain compatibility. With the first industry algorithm – HBBFT consensus and POSDAO delegated Proof-of-Stake validation election mechanism, the DMD diamond blockchain can support EVM smart contracts, facilitating a flawless and efficient interaction with Ethereum and other compatible blockchains.

DMD diamond blockchain visualizes itself as an independent yet interconnected ecosystem, pioneering an evolution of a heterogenous blockchain infrastructure. In contrast to conventional layer 2 chains or sidechains, the DMD diamond blockchain is a self-sufficient entity with myriads of use-cases. The added use-cases it offers users include – instant transaction finality, which enables swift transaction operations; Cheaper transaction cost promoting inclusions of all user categories; Truly decentralized ecosystem preventing centralized manipulation and control, and Dynamic blocktimes that facilitate network efficiency.

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In addition to the fundamental offerings, the DMD diamond blockchain boosts front-running prevention mechanics and it is censorship & fork resistance – fostering resilience and integrity of the ecosystem. Furthermore, our blockchain characterizes random number generation, which strengthens the versatility of decentralized applications designed on top of it. With DAO (decentralized autonomous organization), the DMD Diamond blockchain envisaged a truly decentralized governance structure, enabling our users to collaboratively shape the DMD diamond blockchain’s trajectory.

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