️🗣️ DMD Diamond Blockchain Updates From February to March 2024. ✨✨

Another month of active developments has come to an end. Here are the developments that happened on our blockchain between February and March 2024 👇

▶️ Based on the efficiency of our active developments on our blockchain so far, we planned for an Open Beta release in May, and the DMDv4 mainnet launch is scheduled for Autumn!

Hence, we are currently running the Open Alpha2 version of the DMDv4 blockchain now!

The current DMDv3 mainnet is running fully, of which its coins are exchangeable with DMDv4 coins in a 1:1 via claiming of snapshot balance, once the DMDv4 mainnet is launched. 

Here’s also a link to the FAQ about the current DMD diamond blockchain v3:



▶️ Recently, some of our community members have kept showing their interest in being a developer on our blockchain. Thanks for your interest in wanting to be a part of DMD diamond blockchain success! 

However, remember that the DMD diamond blockchain is community-driven, therefore head on to our open-source GitHub, and make necessary comments and suggestions for improvements. After that, our leading developer will get back to you once your input sounds fascinating. 

Our open-source GitHub link 👇



▶️ ️We are pleased to inform you that another community member is ready to take advantage of the use-cases coming with DMDv4. He’s ready to build his project on top of DMDv4, maximize our upcoming NFT marketplace and take his fair share of the potential of our blockchain. 

Are you such a creator? Begin to test-run your idea on the testnet now, by requesting NFT creation permission via this link –   https://uniq.directory/ 


▶️ DMD diamond blockchain DAO would be part of the DMDv4.0 release and not the 4.1 upgrade. Anticipate a truly decentralized governance structure where all community members contribute to our blockchain’s growth. Most parts of the DAO front-end and contracts are already finished and the DAO will be part of the open beta launch. 


▶️ Partner Spotlight: DMD Diamond Blockchain & CONF3RENCE! 

DMD diamond blockchain revolutionizing blockchain with HBBFT consensus, EVM support, and unique features for a truly decentralized future. Join our chief visionary, Helmut Siedl, at CONF3RENCE come May 15th to 16th, 2024 at SIGNAL IDUNA PARK, Dortmund, Germany and have a full Insight into our blockchain potential. 

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▶️  We modified our website to capture the six (6) main strong features of DMDv4 so that enthusiasts can learn faster from the get-go what the innovation DMD diamond blockchain is bringing with its v4 evolution into blockchain space. The six core use-cases with DMDv4 include Dynamic Blocktimes, Instant Transaction Finality, Decentralised Governance, Censorship Resistance, Random Number Generation, and Front-running Prevention Mechanics. 

Head on  to our website to learn more – https://bit.diamonds/ 


▶️ Deposit and withdrawal options are now enabled again on P2PB2B. Let’s go there and increase our liquidity on the exchange!

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▶️ All thanks to the active community members of DMD diamond blockchain who haven’t been distracted by the unprecedented, recent market trends of DMD diamond blockchain v3 coins, but go all their way in supporting DMDv4 developments, with their belief in its potential when launched. 

Because of them, we boost a DMDv4 development which is not DMDv3 coins price dependent 💪. Hence, we are always in active development toward the DMDv4 mainnet launch. Kudos! 

It’s noteworthy to state that last week DMDv3 coins regained 43% of its lost value!💪


▶️ Again, there are 2 ways that the DMDv3 coins can become DMDv4 coins when the DMDv4 mainnet is launched. 

1. You can buy on either of our exchanges (Bitmart and P2PB2B) and then withdraw in the native DMDv4 wallet. The snapshot will record the DMD you owned on your DMDv3 address and you can use the decentral (DApp) claiming tool to claim the same amount on the v4 chain into your v4 address once v4 is launched (a clear, stepwise guide using the claiming DApp will be available after DMDv4 mainnet launch).


2. As our exchanges, Bitmart and P2PB2B did state they will support the v3 to v4 technology upgrade and do the claiming and distribute the v4 DMD diamond coins based on your v3 holdings on exchange at snapshot time.  

So you choose one of the ways! 


▶️ If you’re close to Graz, join us at the local Crypto Meetup on 4th April, 2024. 

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▶️ Reserve your spot to hear directly from DMD diamond blockchain’s Chief Visionary (Helmut Siedl) – where he explores how the DMD diamond ecosystem is here to revolutionize the whole blockchain landscape.     Part of https://viennablockchainweek.dltaustria.com/ 

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Event Details:

🗓 Date: June 19, 2024.           📍 Location: Lean-Coders GmbH, Hainburger Str. 33, Vienna

Start: 6 PM | End: 11 PM.   🗣 Language: English & German

🍺🍕🍹 Refreshments: Drinks, snacks, and sweets available for guests

Reserve your Tickets via 👇



▶️ Our Litepaper – https://bit.diamonds/wp-content/uploads/DMD_l.pdf 

▶️ Our Whitepaper – https://bit.diamonds/DMD_WP.pdf 

▶️ Our Exchanges: Bitmart, P2PB2B 


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