️🗣️ DMD Diamond Blockchain Updates For January 2024. ✨✨

Here are the developments that happened on our blockchain in January 2024 👇

▶️ As a community-driven ecosystem, the ecosystem’s growth is dependent on our collective effort. Therefore, you don’t need any permission to lead a growth process on the blockchain. You just need to put it forward to the community and we all take it from there. 


▶️ The️ DMD/BTC is now available on the Trading dashboard on P2PB2B. We expect your actions as a community member to increase liquidity for DMD diamond coins. Kudos to a community member who pushed for the re-addition!👍


▶️ ️ If you want to buy DMD diamond coins. Here are the exchanges to buy from 👇



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▶️ A community member suggested we update the “About Us Section” content on “Coinmarketcap”. All thanks to the community members who made it a success. Here’s the link to the updated content: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/diamond/#About


▶️ One of our DMDv4 roadmap is to bring an on-chain chat with configurable read and write permissions on DMDv4. A room where only validators can write. A room where only 100+ DMD balance holders can write and lots more. 


▶️ We are currently working on the total recreation of a new staking DApp called UI DApp. Here’s a link to an article that discussed the use cases coming on top of it – UI-DApp


▶️  Eager to get clarified on how to store your DMD diamond coins? Here are the ways 👇

The preferred place to store DMDv3 coin is on its own native wallet which can be run on Windows macros and self-compiled on Linux!

Note: There is no mobile wallet for DMD v3!

Once we launch DMDv4, all DMD v3 coins you own can be claimed in the DMD v4 chain in a ratio of 1 to 1.

For DMDv4, you can use any Ethereum key-able management system to store your coins. Examples like Metamask, brave-browser, Minerva, etc, and including Trust wallet following the description in the link below 👇


However, DMD v4 is in testnet status now! The only valid places to buy DMDv3 coins at the moment are Bitmart and P2PB2B!


▶️ Our Litepaper – https://bit.diamonds/wp-content/uploads/DMD_lp.pdf 

▶️ Our Whitepaper – https://bit.diamonds/DMD_WP.pdf 


▶️ Links to articles within the month:






▶️ Our social media to follow: 

Blog – https://bit.diamonds/blog/ 

Website – https://bit.diamonds/ 

Medium – https://dmd-diamond.medium.com/

Telegram – https://t.me/dmd_coin/ 

Twitter – https://twitter.com/dmdcoin   

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/dmdcoin/    

Reddit – http://reddit.com/r/dmd  


Kind regards!