🗣️ User Interface (UI) DApp Coming To Replace Our Current Testnet Staking DApp! ✨✨

One of our core interests at the DMD diamond blockchain is evolution. That explains why we are positioned to offer industry-first features – leveraging our unique HBBFT consensus engine. Toward the launch of DMDv4, one of our current priorities is to entirely create a new user interface (UI) DApp (decentralised application) that would replace the current staking DApp

The new UI staking DApp is currently under development. Once launched, It would come with many use-cases beyond only staking features. It would be a highly demanded single point of contact for everything going on inside the DMD diamond ecosystem. From news and announcements to setting up validators or delegating stake on validators, to links to all fascinating ecosystem projects, to reading, discussing and participating in DMD DAO voting or even creating a DAO proposal. 

DMD diamond blockchain

Furthermore, the new UI DApp would have the ability to give an overview of the DMD diamond network health and performance, a scoring system on validators to see and identify a reliable validator candidate to stake on top, and even a coin tracker to see how the DMD diamond coin is faring. Another planned integration on the UI DApp is to add configurable on-chain chat rooms that allow a validator and DAO governance communication with no need for third-party tools (like Discord) in-between and where no fake address can exist, as your address is your unique user. 

The DMD diamond naming system is another intriguing feature coming on top of the UI DApp. With it, you can link a name to your address and make it usable for your web-2 pursuits. This allows you to have domain names to yourself based on blockchain ownership of your name e.g. http://yourname.bit.diamonds. In the upgraded version of the UI DApp, we also plan to integrate it in a way that it would interact with your node – a similar experience to our v3 wallet where node and UI are incorporated into one. 

While we use a 1:1 Ethereum address schema, any compatible key management tool can interact with our ecosystem solely via our UI DApp, once it is live and DMDv4 is launched. Indeed, DMDv4 is coming with a lot of groundbreaking support for its efficiency. Therefore, blockchain projects or users who don’t mind benefiting from these seamless user interface DApp, with the use-cases presented by the DMD diamond blockchain shouldn’t think twice to host their project on top of our ecosystem. 

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