🗣️ The Advantage of Using An Exact 1:1 Ethereum Address Schema on the DMD Diamond Blockchain ✨✨

You may be wondering why the DMD diamond blockchain does not have a native DMD diamond address but uses a 1:1 Ethereum address schema for all assets on top of the blockchain. Do not forget that, one of the unique use cases our blockchain boosts is interoperability across chains. 

Our preference for Ethereum-style addresses allows our blockchain users to use their DMD diamond v4 address on the Ethereum blockchain. They also can use an Ethereum-generated address on DMDv4. These same addresses have the same private key or seed phrase. However, assets linked to these same addresses are different on the two blockchains – DMD diamond blockchain and Ethereum. 

The use of the same address schema makes it much easier to join a multichain interoperable ecosystem. It would also enable us to use a DMDv4-based naming system – which each Ethereum user could use to reserve a name stored on the DMDv4 chain and linked to his Ethereum address. Therefore, you don’t need new addresses or keys for the chains. They are global addresses and keys for all Ethereum-style blockchains. 

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What does this further mean? It translates that – any key management tools that can handle Ethereum keys can also handle DMDv4 keys, including hardware wallets, etc. Any compatible wallet-connect can interact with decentralized applications (DApps) on our blockchain.

The DMDv4 is at the testnet stage now, and there is also no mobile wallet for DMDv3. Nonetheless, you can store DMD diamond v3 coins on its native wallet which can be run on Windows macros and self-compiled on Linux. Click this Link to know the way forward. Here’s a link to general frequently asked questions on DMDv3. 

Once DMD v4 is launched, all DMDv3 coin holders can claim 1:1 DMDv4 coins equivalent and can use any Ethereum key management system like Metamask, Brave-browser, and Minerva. Moreover, you can also use a Trust wallet to send, store, and receive DMD diamond coins, and connect to Web3 decentralized applications (dApps) on our network, once the DMDv4 gets launched using the approach described here in their community page

While we share the same style addresses with Ethereum, our blockchain is a unique blend of the Ethereum codebase and HBBFT-based consensus engine. DMD Diamond blockchain v4 is a unique blockchain on its own, with industry-first features based on that technology mix and can with its easily accessible shared address schema be an interesting place to host projects that aim to be a player on the future landscape of an interconnected heterogeneous multi-chain ecosystem.

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