🗣️Who Owns the DMD Diamond Blockchain and What’s Your Responsibility for Its Growth?

DMD Diamond blockchain is a decentralized  layer-1 community-run blockchain. Leaderless and permissionless. No central authority controls the DMD diamond ecosystem. All network participants who have a stake in the blockchain unanimously determine its roadmap. 

Therefore you don’t need central approval to make a positive change on the blockchain or its native coin, but rather approval from fellow community members of the ecosystem. 

DMD diamond blockchain

Every network participant or active community member of the DMD diamond blockchain has a voice in the ecosystem. Yours is to suggest to other community members via the ecosystem channels chats and have an agreement on the way forward. This explains why DAO is a feature of DMDv4 – a pool of funds that network participants could take advantage of to fund projects that support the growth of the DMD diamond blockchain. 

Days back, a bunch of long-term DMD diamond blockchain community members were seeking to get a more active discord. While the blockchain is permissionless and importantly decentralized, the expected thing to do is to seek the support of other members via the community channels and collaborate to drive a growth strategy for the ecosystem on Discord. All thanks to community members who unanimously work to update our old content on Coinmarketcap. 

Either you want to host your project on top of DMDv4 or update some of the DMD diamond blockchain information on social channels or write/fix issues on Github, or anything you think you could do toward the growth of the blockchain is allowed. You are free to initiate it and collaborate with network participants to make it a success. 

Don’t forget that the more support you get, the more weight your voice has in the ecosystem. So feel free to think about what to do and never hesitate to bring it forward to the community members. You are allowed to do anything without any central approval but only a collaboration with other DMD diamond community members. 

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