🗣️ Why True Random Number Generation on the DMD Diamond Blockchain?

All thanks to the HBBFT consensus engine that enables the DMD diamond blockchain to generate true random numbers in creating a block. True random numbers are vital when it comes to cryptography in a blockchain ecosystem. It underscores the unpredictable and fair distribution of validator responsibilities on the DMD diamond blockchain. 

In conventional EVM-based blockchains, random numbers generated aren’t as secure as those of the DMD diamond blockchain, since transaction processes are predictable. A malicious blockfinder might opt not to create a block if he isn’t comfortable with the random number generated. However, in the DMD diamond blockchain, 25 nodes unanimously create a block without prior knowledge of the random numbers generated – since they are encrypted and only decodable when the block created is final. Hence, none of them can stop or opt not to create a block. 

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Every smart contract on top of the DMD diamond blockchain can access and enjoy the benefit of the true random number ability of our ecosystem. This is therefore a revolution to projects that require true random numbers in their operability. Moreover, the advanced random number capabilities enable the DMD diamond blockchain to solve challenges associated with DeFi-based smart contracts such as front-running attacks. It does so by implementing front-running prevention mechanics in the DMD diamond blockchain – which randomized the order in which transactions are processed based on the ecosystem’s random numbers engine and makes it unpredictable for front-running exploits. 

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