DMD Diamond Cryptocurrency Explained Scarce, valuable, secure Wealth storage and profit generating solution


DMD Diamond is ultra-scarce and ultra-secure non-government controlled digital currency that allows people to send money anywhere in the world instantly, securely and at near zero cost. Moreover, DMD Diamond enables its users to take part in Proof-of-stake (PoS) protocol which turns DMD Diamond coin into an interest bearing asset with high annual interest rate. 

In simple words, just by holding DMD Diamond in your PC wallet, which needs to be online and connected to the network of DMD Diamond nodes, each and every DMD Diamond user can earn over 20% annual interest rate payable in DMD Diamond.

Is that all DMD Diamond offers?

No! It gets even better

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DMD Diamond ecosystem

Wealth creation cycle in DMD Diamond ecosystem.

DMD Diamond PoS/

Earn over 20%* per year just for supporting DMD network! No special equipment is required! You can start staking your coins in minutes!

DMD Diamond Masternodes/

Secure 10 000 DMD collateral and earn over 25%* per year! State of the art Masternode technology!

DMD Diamond Cloud /

A network support scheme where supporters are granted regular, hassle free, forever flowing stream of DMD Diamonds. It is easy, it is profitable, it is been running for over 4 years.

/DMD Diamond Multipool

Mine the most profitable algorithms and get paid DMD Diamond directly to your wallet!

/DMD Diamond Scarcity

Only 4.38 million Diamonds will ever be available, almost 5x less compared to Bitcoin, making DMD Diamond one of the scarcest electronic commodities. Scarcity + Demand = Price Increase!

/DMD Diamond Trust&Reputation

DMD Diamond has been in constant development for almost 5 years, since early 2013. This makes it one of the most reputable and long lasting cryptocurrencies in the entire crypto economy.

* - all rewards are subject to network
competition and DMD Diamond's coin
roll out plan

Bitcoin is often referred as the digital gold. Due to its Proof-of-Stake protocol which generates additional interest in a form of new DMD coins, DMD Diamond could be considered as a digital diamond which generates more diamonds by itself. You have to admit it, this does sound interesting!

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