🗣️ How Does The DMD Diamond Blockchain Enable Censorship Resistance In Its Ecosystem? ✨

Censorship resistance features on blockchain guards against any form of centralized interference in the ecosystem’s operations. It helps to preserve the core principles of blockchain decentralization, user autonomy and transparency. 

In most existing blockchains, like Bitcoin, a single node decides which transactions are to be added to their block. At the DMD diamond blockchain, the reverse is the case – 25 nodes together contribute to the block on the blockchain. All thanks to the enabling HBBFT consensus. 

Each block finder could choose what transaction is to be added or not on our blockchain. If only one of the 25 nodes contributes to your transaction, it will be part of the block. Therefore, it is difficult for a block to be censored on the DMD diamond blockchain by a single node only, and hence the DMD diamond blockchain is way more censorship-resistant than any known blockchain today. 

The dPoS algorithm ensures stakeholders who can’t run their validator candidate delegate their coin weight to a validator with a good trust score in the network. These contributing stakers are in turn incentivised based on their stakes, and thus, all contribute towards the blockchain interests. Therefore, no single entity can individually enforce disproportionate influence on the ecosystem operations. 

Furthermore, the blockchain support for EVM-based smart contracts offers an additional layer of censorship resistance to the ecosystem. Once a smart contract is deployed on a blockchain, it implements predefined rules without the necessity for centralized surveillance. That autonomy helps in avoiding censorship on transactions and other contractual agreements on the blockchain. 

These are not only technical accomplishments on the ecosystem but also a testament to the innovative potential of the DMD diamond blockchain. Therefore, blockchain adopters who don’t mind having this additional offering on their value proposition shouldn’t hesitate to employ the DMD diamond blockchain.

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